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Be Space is an integrative arts studio that offers classes and events to awaken your creative nature. We want you to feel more connected to your self-expression and to the world around you.

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Here you will find an invitation to listen to the voice of the body, to create your own music, to enter your own authentic expression. Offerings range from movie nights to secret dance parties, Artist’s Way and meditation.

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There are endless entry points to the creative imagination, and choosing any one of them will help you think more creatively, have a more grounded and genuine presence, and become more playful in your daily life.

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“Indeed, by virtue of its underlying and enveloping presence, the place may even be felt to be the source, the primary power that expresses itself through the various events that unfold there.” -David Abram


Dance Paint Write

Expressive Arts with Topaz Weis
special guest from Expressive Arts Burlington

A rare chance to drop in with visiting expressive arts guide, Topaz Weis -- into the dance, image and story you are creating in your life.

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Open Floor on 1st Mondays

with co-hosts Dan Miller & Wendy Allegaert
An open mic without the mic

"Our message is simply one of appreciating the nature of things as they are and expressing it without any struggle of thoughts and fears.” -Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
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"Creativity is intelligence having fun"
-Albert Einstein
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Offerings give a full range of entry points to your creative nature. View schedule & registration details here.


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Amazing humans share their gifts and curiosities. Meet some of our facilitators and guides.


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“Cultivating the capacity to be with our experience while being authentic and generous in our expression is my greatest joy.”


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Authentic Movement is a simple and self-directed movement practice. Sessions can be in a group or one-on-one.


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a tiny video about Be Space:


Using Everything

I continue to feel blessed by the remarkable gathering we shared last month. After culling through the photos and memories of this year's Life.Art.Being festival, I've put together a little recap to share with you. Enjoy!
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Extending the Truth Mandala

We are all looking for ways that we can change the spell and mend our world. For me, for now, my way is to be humble and honest about my blind spots around race, and to practice the creative means that I believe will help us turn the corner toward a culture of wholeness.
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Joyful Means, or why art can save us

In the face of all that is difficult... expressive art-making and connection with our living breathing selves & world make us more resilient. These practices open the door to a greater capacity to respond, and awaken a sense of belonging and connectedness.
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About that long silence…

Be Space is getting its director back, full time and full heart. Together, we are stepping onto the path of tending Be Space with all of the care and creative juice it deserves. Into the bold and uncertain future...
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