Life.Art.Being Integrative Arts Festival
Full Moon Village
Community Drum Circle
with Ted Owen

Friday August 4, 2017, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Be Space @ Vibrant Studios, 1532 SW Jefferson Street

The moon is nearly full and our village is gathered. Bring your drums, shakers, hands & feet! Some instruments will be available, and there is ALWAYS room for more.

Drumming together gives us the chance to listen and share in a way that is utterly accessible, connective, and deep fun for everyone.

Register in Advance for Full Moon Village: $10

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Ted Owen is a board-certified music therapist and long-time professional drummer and percussionist with a bachelor’s degree in music performance. Ted lives and breathes rhythm and likes nothing better than spreading the joy of music to anyone he encounters – especially by playing drums (and if you ask him nicely, he’ll also play guitar or keyboard).

Ted is a true problem-solver. Present him with any sort of problem – from engine trouble to a hangnail – and 95% of the time his solution is, “Drum circle!” He ardently believes in the healing powers of music for people struggling with health issues – whether physical, emotional, or mental.  Spend any time with Ted and you’ll quickly learn that creating music with others can be truly magical.

Ted has hosted the Full Moon Drum Circle at Be Space since 2012 and also offers Drum Circles for Veterans.

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