You may not know this about me, but I was raised on astrology. My mom has been speaking this language to me from the time I was born, and I have since been very blessed to have an abundance of smart astro-friends who keep me up to date on the keynotes as they come into focus.

So, although I am FAR from being an astrologer by any stretch, I knew enough to sit up straight when Stephanie Shea called my attention to a pretty amazing Astro-opportunity coming up this year. The word on the street is that this summer is generating some potent aspects with a Grand Fire Trine kicking in this month.  To celebrate, Steph and I have decided to combine forces to offer an Astro-playshop to help everyone tap the potential of this rare alignment.

The playshop details are included below, and you can also get an overview by listening to this free intro we offered last weekend at Sacred Money Studios.

Earlier in April, I also had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Stephanie Shea of Cardinal Fire Astrology on Melanie Gurley’s Beautiful Astrology podcast. Check out our conversation for a preview of this summer’s inspiring and possibility-producing fiery Grand Trine!


event details

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