authentic movement

Authentic Movement is a simple and accessible movement form, available to us all as a way of listening to the body & mind. Sessions are comprised of a mover and a witness, and can also take place in small or large groups.  The movement is self-directed with the support of a trained witness.

There is a range of applications for this practice.  It can be a spiritual practice for some;  a way of working with dreams or other life-images; a compositional tool for performance; or a way of practicing greater ease with the self in the body.

Authentic Movement cultivates a contemplative frame of mind, clarity of perception, and movement that is personally enhancing.  You can read more about Authentic Movement on the AM community website,

small group

The small group series creates a safe container for risk and exploration in movement.

Groups are typically limited in size and provide practice and grounding in the essentials of the Authentic Movement form.

Now Enrolling!
Movement for Earthlings

6-week series, January 24 – February 28
Tuesdays 4 – 6pm, $165

We’ll reconnect with our earthly heritage through a range of access points, including meditation, Authentic Movement, writing and image-making.

The group is limited to eight people… moving in a small group like this creates safety and ease — and is an awesome way to practice being diplomatic & kind to your body/mind.

No prior movement experience is necessary to enjoy this series.

private movement

Sessions include Authentic Movement practice and guided expressive work toward a more comfortable and diplomatic relationship to the body & mind. The practice of listening to the body with the support of a trained witness creates a conscious & natural movement experience.

• private session $75, series of four $240.

This work does not require any prior movement experience.  If you are looking for a gentle ay to develop a more diplomatic relationship to your own body and mind, this is an ideal form.

Contact Elizabeth to schedule.

My interest is in inviting us all into greater integrity and ease in our physical presence and our expression in the world.  The container and approach to this work can vary, depending on your intentions and needs.

The general suggestion is to start in a small group to help you decide what is best for you.  Private movement sessions provide a strong container for personal exploration and learning; while drop-in groups are a looser container with a wide range of participants and experience levels.

* Unless otherwise noted, these sessions are offered by me, Elizabeth Russell.  You can read a bit of my background here.

It should be said that, while the creative/expressive process is profoundly enriching and engaging — and fun! — the services I offer at Be Space are not intended to provide “therapy”. There are several credentialed somatic or expressive arts therapists whom I would happily recommend.

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