Embodying Our Evolutionary Intelligence

from Donnella Wood for Life.Art.Being
From the air we breathe to the gravity field that informs our movement, we sense that the earth and the body are in a dynamic relationship that affects our very way of being and experiencing ourselves in the world.  

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How does beauty become fierce?

At the very moment we feel adrift and overwhelmed, activating our individual creative power becomes a radical means of collective recovery.

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Playing with Fire: astrology & your creative power

Check out these talks about this summer’s inspiring and possibility-producing fiery Grand Trine – and then join us for our Astro-playshop to see what you can create in your life with the help of these special aspects!

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The Hostess I Couldn’t Find

from Beth Lorio for A Teaspoon of Water:
Sometimes the Salon slips past us, only to be found in the living lives of those who were there. 

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What’s this beautiful thing?

This is space, within and without.

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Using Everything

I continue to feel blessed by the remarkable gathering we shared last month. After culling through the photos and memories of this year's Life.Art.Being festival, I've put together a little recap to share with you. Enjoy!

Extending the Truth Mandala

We are all looking for ways that we can change the spell and mend our world. For me, for now, my way is to be humble and honest about my blind spots around race, and to practice the creative means that I believe will help us turn the corner toward a culture of wholeness.

Joyful Means, or why art can save us

In the face of all that is difficult… expressive art-making and connection with our living breathing selves & world make us more resilient. These practices open the door to a greater capacity to respond, and awaken a sense of belonging and connectedness.

About that long silence…

Be Space is getting its director back, full time and full heart.
Together, we are stepping onto the path of tending Be Space with all of the care and creative juice it deserves.
Into the bold and uncertain future…

The world rises to meet you

When we have the courage and willingness to show up as we are, we invariably discover those other genuine souls who are doing the same.

A Meditator’s Dance Hall and a Dancer’s Meditation Hall

March 19, 2016 - March 19, 2016 211 SE 11th Avenue Map and Directions | Register Description:Saturday March 19th, noon - 4pm A Meditator's Dance Hall and a Dancer's Meditation Hall CDP Practice and reflection with NYC Play Pod and Barbara Dilley via the miracle of...

it’s Dream Season – enter the Imaginarium

“The imagination is not only holy, it is precise / it is not only fierce, it is practical / men die everyday for the lack of it, it is vast & elegant…”  -Diane di Prima The guest list for the Blue Dragon Ball is taking shape, and I can already see that we are in...

how Allies hold Space

There are unseen forces at work — watching over us, respecting our free will, embracing us with love if we allow them.   - Jonathan Zap who is the Blue Dragon, and why a Ball? Much of what we practice at Be Space engages a compassionate observer. In Contemplative...

this is the Beginning

Life.Art.Being convenes this week. Here is a peek inside: I'm guessing this summer has been eye-opening for a large majority of us -- systems are collapsing, and we are waking up to the rift between ourselves and our world that has been slowly deepening. I might not...

Elizabeth’s blog

Elizabeth’s blog

"Cultivating the capacity to be with our experience while being authentic and generous in our expression is my greatest joy."

I feel strongly that the expressive arts are a democratic, pedestrian and crucial domain. The conviction that these ‘magical technologies’ can deliver us to our humanity, our inherent connectedness, and a multi-dimensional presence is my primary motivation for creating Be Space.

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