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studio memberships are awesome

The best way to get an idea of what Be Space can mean to your body heart & mind is to give yourself the gift of unlimited access.
When you visit the studio calendar, you’ll see a sparkling array of events. There are a few different categories: Special Events, Community Play Cycle, and Be Space Programs.  All Play Cycle events are included on your pass. Members receive discounts on registration for some of the special events and core programs.  Visit the registration page for the event you’re interested in to learn more.
Also included in your membership are two friend passes each month and access to invitation-only events (yes! you can bring guests to these).
Be Space is dedicated to creating and hosting events that invite you further into your authentic expression, your capacity for delight, and a greater connection with yourself, others and our world.  It would be wonderful to share this journey with you!

A one month membership gives you unlimited access to our Community Play Cycle - including the Full Moon Drum Circle, Quiet Hours, Movie Nights, and more. 30 days for $48.

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