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Creative Project Mentoring
We each have something waiting to emerge that inspires us beyond our ‘safe’ choices. I am honored to have supported many remarkable people in bringing their creative projects into the world. Bringing structure and strategy to a vision is a lot easier with the compassionate presence of an engaged witness. I am constantly astonished at the inherent intelligence of the creative process, and what becomes possible when we give ourselves permission to let it guide us.

Typical sessions are 75-90 minutes, and can be in-person or by video. $95

Creative Resiliency
I’m a joyful believer in the power of authentic creative expression to transform our lives and our world. Begin Again: Creative Resilience for Women is a 10-week creative practice group incorporating Artist’s Way tools, Expressive Arts & Dharma Art processes.

Read more and get registration details here.

Work that Reconnects
It can be easy to lose touch with our innate ability to ‘suffer with’ the world. Our sense of connection and compassion for the greater living earth is a birthright that carries the hidden gift of our reawakened humanity. Gathering with others in active contemplation of our world’s changing story can be a rich way to foster what Joanna Macy calls The Great Turning.

Embodiment & Deep Play Practices
I am thankful to be rooted in many rich practice traditions–Contemplative Dance Practice, Authentic Movement, and Dharma Art among them. These forms are accessible to beginners and experienced practitioners as a path to presencing with the body, the mind, and the ‘village’. There is a range of applications for all of these practices. They can be a spiritual practice for some; a way of working with dreams or other life-images; a compositional tool for performance; or a way of practicing greater ease with the self in the body or with others.

Personal sessions invite you into a more comfortable and diplomatic relationship to the body & mind by engaging basic mindfulness practices, authentic movement, image-making and guided expressive processes. Small groups can provide a safe container for risk and exploration in movement and mindful play. This work does not require any prior movement experience. If you are looking for a gentle way to develop a more diplomatic relationship to your own body and mind, this is for you.

  • private session $75, series of four $240.
  • small group sessions available.

Small practice groups, workshops, and talks available. Be in touch for custom events, or visit the classes & events page for current schedule and one-time events.

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My interest is in inviting us all into greater integrity and ease in our physical presence and our expression in the world. The container and approach to this work can vary, depending on your intentions and needs, so you may need to try a few things to discover what is best for you. All sessions are intended to provide a strong container for personal exploration and learning for the beginner and advanced practitioner alike.

* Unless otherwise noted, sessions are offered by me, Elizabeth Russell.  You can read a bit of my background here. You can view my profile on this website for Authentic Movement community of practitioners.

It should be said that, while the creative/expressive process is profoundly enriching and engaging — and fun! — the services I offer through Be Space Integrative Arts are not intended to provide “therapy”. There are several credentialed somatic and expressive arts therapists whom I would happily recommend.

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